Sick of being married?

Adrian Samuel

3 sales mistakes you are making as a solicitor


1. Offering “A wide range of legal services”

…or some other bland, innocuous, non-specific clap trap.

People buy the trust they put in you, the amazing thing you can do for them and the story of a happy existing client and job well done.

People, not things.

How can you help them – specifically?

Been nicked for something you didn’t do?”

Confined to a wheelchair because of some idiotic drunk driver?”

Sick of being married?”

These may not be comfortable promotional headlines but they say much more about the things you can actually DO.

Go on to say: “Here is a picture of [Jackie]. She is our crime specialist. She scores 100% in effort for her clients. Want her to do that for you?”

2. Thinking you are special

I worked in the profession for 20+ years. When…

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America is a mess



There is considerable disruption in the U.S. with Trump and his recent policies. Things are going wonky. I suspect wonkier still in months to come.

Often though out of wonky disorder there comes order. It may not be to everyone’s liking but they will have to live with it. Trouble is his methods are not “normal”.

But by using the word “normal” do we just mean “average” – a way we have become used to?

If it is done in a different way the outcome may be the same, the route to get there might just be more circuitous.

Think of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. How many different combinations of assembly are there….there will be a formula no doubt….but the point is the finished picture will be what it is. The method of assembly (which piece was joined to which other piece and the order of this) will be unremembered.

I guess it is just a case of deciding whether you like the picture or not.


Hold….correction: Scrap the front page


Newspapers in all formats must soon be for the dustbin. As with postal deliveries – the format is just way too slow. Telax, fax, telephone (the old style ….remember…the one we used to actually speak to people?) – landfill.

Recently I subscribed to “The Week” online – a publication emanating some years ago now from the Felix Dennis camp which in it’s hey day was informative, concise and quite balanced. The problem now is that waiting a few days to have a concise summary of the events from around the World is just “old hat”.

Personally I like to sit with the written word, a well-crafted piece of thoughtful journalism, opinion, fact. Cogitation. Speculation. Assimilation. And out of choice still do.

There is instant engagement now though. Knee jerk. Hip firing. Argument which is not properly formulated, ill-conceived and designed to merely gratify the publisher, to incite reaction.

There is an honesty to it of course.

Considered or ill-considered? – stark choices.

…repeat, repeat,repeat………


E. Nesbit’s stories of “The Phoenix and the Carpet” dramatised in the 1970’s on the BBC. The children able to go back in time. It was always to an event, a dramatic point in time…..The Great Fire of London for example.

Our lives are full of dramatic points. Etching lasting memories and feelings. Some we would not wish to go back and experience again because of pain or anguish. Others we could happily relive over and over again.

But what of the things we have not experienced…historical events we could not be at by reason of age or circumstance? What if we had been there? How would it have coloured our view….changed our direction?

There is much we have missed and yet so much more we can experience that others will not or cannot.

Do we make the most of it? Do we appreciate it? Do we understand it’s importance?

It need not be the big events – the ones that shape generations – but tiny fractions…the little almost minute pieces of our lived lives that create the drama. They are fine enough.

….although being at Woodstock would be my “go back to” choice.

Eat your heart out Alan Sugar


It could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

The start of an exploration of self.


You can now go anywhere you like. No rules. No authority. No safety net.

What an opportunity.

Scary….well of course….

………except that you have you by your side. You have been with you all of your life. You know what you are. What you like, can do, are good at. You know people who know you.

All these things that are you are your tools.

Make something.