…tell me why I don’t like Mondays?


I personally find Mondays exciting and frustrating, in equal measure. The intention for the week ahead is strong but sometimes there is a lack of fuel for the brain.

TED Talks are good for a kick start.

Maybe a lecture on Udemy.

A bit of creative writing.

It somehow doesn’t feel like real work though.

I am out of the mindset that work needs to be a damning existence which is a trudge, a chore and a means to direct financial end. It isn’t easy sometimes especially on Monday.

If you challenge your fixed ideas about how something is “supposed” to be, how it has always been, the ingrained apparent truth then you might just discover something new.

A path you have never walked before.

A view you have never seen.

This is the real work of life.


The greatest threat to your freedom is a word beginning with “A”.


Someone…yes someONE….writes them. They don’t write themselves. And the someONE has a purpose when so writing.

The purpose is to feed you. Stuff that someONE wants you to gobble up.

By these methods you are losing your independent free will. Your ability to choose what you read and how you read it. It is the worst example of media manipulation and it is happening right now in most of your social networking interactions. Subliminal attempt to change your view of the World – what you see, when you see it.

Switch off your news feeds and regain at least a modicum of control.

F*~k moderation


I am a fan of Jonathan Pie, (http://www.jonathanpie.com/) the comic newshound. A direct no nonsense, personal and often expletive-fuelled rants on relevant newsworthy topics.

His latest on the freedom of the press raises an interesting subject.

To what extent should all or anything be vetted, controlled, moderated? Does any form of editing mean that there is “control” of the freedom of speech – the right to say what you want in the public domain?

Private platforms are, I guess, different. Posting something on a website or physical billboard which offends must be controlled…or must it?

Racism, homophobia – unacceptable of course.

Where does the line get drawn though?

And by whom?

Giraffe talk


It was long thought that the long-necked species had no voice. There is apparently though some vocal-infra-something-or-other method they use. Inaudible to humans.

What are they talking about?

When you talk, audibility is crucial.

Speech for imploring, convincing, rallying, disparaging, motivating.

What are you talking about?

Who wants to hear? Who needs to hear? Can they hear you?

There is so much white noise.

Be clear.

Be direct.

Be relevant.

And be un-giraffe-ish……….be heard.

’00’s and ‘000’s


Stop and examine all the enormous things you have to do…today, tomorrow, this week……

Experts tell you to break it down into small chunks – you can eat an elephant…..mouthful by mouthful. And that is good for the “doing” bit. Getting to “doing” is I would suggest the hardest task. Decision making – the “what should I do”.

It is the hundreds and thousands of tiny apparently insignificant, inconsequential really “not doing” at all, decisions that determine what makes your life amazing.

Wrong again


A year since his death.

A year.

365/6 days.

That is a lot. I reckoned he died maybe 3 months ago.

Our perceptions of time are bent.

What else do we think we know….and we actually don’t because our perceptions are bent?