Crooked and unscrupulous – guaranteed

Trust no

Dealing with unknown people maybe on the other side of the World via the internet.

It is a risk isn’t it.

There is an abundance of talent available at your fingertips. I have recently discovered Upwork which allows access to a massive pool of freelancers in many different disciplines. Sceptical at first I dipped my toe in the water, contracting a guy from the US on an IT project. All seems ok.

Today I have jumped again with another, this time in India.

In the old days a handshake was a guarantee of honesty and integrity.

Now the “Send” button is the confirming act which seals the deal.

My Dad always advocated trusting no one. His perceptions and guidance moulded by experiences of being let down even after a handshake.

I check, verify.

It may go wrong.

I trust it won’t.



It is life. 


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