Minefield ahead

Sitting down to devise my marketing strategy for the project.

Image result for minefield

Is it my age? Is everything moving so much faster now? Will I ever keep up?

Jon Morrow’s Blog Traffic Blueprint course was good. I even wrote copious notes. Consulting them now there seems so much to do. So much to get right….or rather so much to cover as I am sure there is no “right” way.

Audience, content, influencers, headlines, strategies. Over 2 million blogs a day at the last reliable-ish count.

I suppose it is perseverance coupled with knowledge gathered from guru’s like Jon and Seth Godin et al. The product is great – Purple Cow-like even. So let me get creative. Work fast. Try things.

That is where the excitement is. And it is why we live this entrepreneurial existence. The very fact that there is so much noise out there is a challenge. Getting heard is THE thing. Being listened to is desired. Being talked about is the egotistical and business-y bit for there is “…only one thing worse than being talked about…….” said Wilde.

It’s a good idea to ask ones followers to share content so can you please share this? Don’t ask – don’t get.




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