….everywhere, nor any drop to drink

True still in many parts of the World.


And as I sup a glass of the cool stuff I am feeling very fortunate to be able to do so.

We turn on the tap and it is dispensed – clean (well, relatively), safe (well,relatively) – or we indulge a little and buy something “sourced” or “filtered” or “spring”. Still it is just three molecules (2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen) that go to make up this precious substance. We need it more than any other thing each being comprised 60% of it.

A childhood memory of taking a quantity by cupped hands from a fast flowing Welsh stream. Cold. Clear.


To watch it too is therapy for the mind. The most abundant, important thing on our planet. Cascading falls. Lapping waves. Still lakes. Meandering rivers and pretty streams.

Drink more. Be thankful.

Watch it. Touch it.

P.S. Samuel Taylor Coleridge – thanks for the title line.



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