Best selling wheels

Here is a pile. Made, sold, used.


It wasn’t a heartache for the maker.  Just using the same design as he had done before. As maybe his forebears had done before him? Carts needed wheels. He made them to fit and function. Then he sold them.

Some things don’t need reinvention.

Music covers. Some good. Some bad. Some astonishingly good (a personal view of course)….examples:

Eva Cassidy’s version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and The Disturbed doing “The Sound of Silence”. Give them a listen.

Remarkably good songs in their own right. Words, chords, melody.

Not so much reinvention as adaption.

Something completely new is often a more difficult project than a tried and tested something.

Take an invention. Don’t try to do the same thing again. It works as it is.

But. What can you alter? How can you tweak it? What adjustment can you make?

Revise it. Release it. Sell it.


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