Hats help

They make you look taller.


(In my case a little more idiotic).

Oh, and the pic is not me but Andrew Carnegie. A most wealthy industrialist at 1.6m tall (5’2″) – net of the hat.

I understand when being photographed he often adopted a position on slightly higher ground than those he was being photographed with in order to make himself look taller and more imposing. Higher status….reminding me now of the famous John Cleese/Ronnie Corbett/Ronnie Barker/Eric Sykes (was it?) sketch.

TED Talks have recently shown a presentation which advocates a daily 2 minute power pose. I confess to doing it.

Puffing up, standing tall and upright seems to be a natural thing to do if trying to create an initial good and positive professional impression. Very tall people are somewhat intimidating though. Conversation is difficult if looking upwards into the nostrils rather than into someone’s eyes so I guess too tall might not be too terrific.

Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, Prince, Robbie Williams – all below average male height. And I give male examples because being shorter as a woman does not seem to evoke comment or interest.

Either sex can just stand further up the slope Carnegie-style….if it really matters that much….and wear a hat…..oh and heels too.


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