Anyone know who this is?


I know now. In the years 1922-25 he was challenging Einstein on a few theoretical bits ‘n’ bobs concerning the universe. Seen by some now as the founder of modern cosmological theory. Alexander Friedmann. A Russian.

A World class, if not Universe class, act. And for a few years, renowned.

The names on our lips and finger tips these days. Perhaps the Olympian with event success recently or the Head of State in economic or regime trouble this week. A blogger, vlogger, You-Tuber enjoying a viral journey around the globe.

The renown is transient. Lacking endurance. Somehow lacking any meat on the fragile bones.

True renown spans the decades for only a select few I would suggest. Mention Elvis to my kids and their faces are blank.

A universe different yesterday from today and different again tomorrow, said Friedmann.

Nothing is forever.




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