Still. Heron-like.

On my walk this morning I observed a heron Ardea Cinerea. The grey. Knee deep in the water staring straight ahead. Stock still. This is usually a method for sourcing prey and once seen a gentle tilt of the head to pinpoint the angle of strike…..boom!

There was a serenity about that bird. I stopped stock still to look at it. For those few moments there was complete calm. Hardly a thought in my head and certainly a freedom from the daily troubles.

It was a reminder of the power of stillness and silence. Days are busy, noisy, cluttered. Lists of things to attend to, places to go, people.

Still. Quiet. Stopped. The mind can discharge. Reboot.

Osho advocated a method for this even for the office bound. My own version is this: Entirely randomly with hardly a thought stand up. Quickly. Eyes closed. Breathe slowly. Do not think of anything. Relax the shoulders. Listen to your in and out breathe. Let any extraneous sounds and thoughts pass by either side of your head or across the forehead. Be absolutely still. Heron-like. It need only take a minute. 30 seconds if you wish. Do it daily.


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