Pig ignorant?

There are those stories of pigs eating babies but yesterday I saw a most endearing sight. A large sow in its enclosure, wet snout up against vertical steel bars. Still. Gently sniffing. The other side of the bars, a crow. It too right up against the bars. So close the pig snout all fleshy and soft was partly poking through the gap and touching the feathers of the bird.

They seemed to be friends. For a few moments this was the scene. I was quite taken aback. Some sort of trusting dialogue. No words, just behaviour showing absolute trust. In a quick launch of he tongue I guess the pig could have taken the bird as a lunchtime snack.

Instead it swiftly grabbed a feather from the crow’s breast. It was almost like a friendly pinch. A tickle. A tease. Amusement. 

Ignorant is not the word I would use.


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